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Made by Uji Premium Grade Matcha and 8 types of grains: oats, brown rice, barley, oat brans, quinoa, millet, buckwheat, wheat germ.Low carbs, low calories meal. Source of Protein and fiber.
No beans, No artificial flavorings, No coloring,  No heavy metals, zero cholesterol, zero trans fat.
Can be served as a meal replacement, pre-workout drink, post-workout drink.

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Premixed multi-grains beverage with pure Uji Premium Grade Matcha, without beans.

**Gluten Free.
**Contains milk.

Customer Reviews
Ms Leong

My mom has ben taking NG8 every morning and it helps her bowel movement and cholesterol level. As for me, it does improves my cholesterol!

19 September 2020

I replaced flour with NG8 to make buns, noodles and yam cake, taste good and my kids like it!

19 September 2020

NG8 is not sweet comparing to other products in the market, recommend!

19 September 2020

NG8 improves my sleep quality.

19 September 2020
Hui Fang

My mom's back pain got better after consuming NG8!

19 September 2020