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Our Story




Vnutrition, established in the year 2015 that has 5 years of experience in health food manufacturing and marketing. Currently with 2 products that sold over 100,000 packs in the year 2018. The ace product, NG8 that was formulated by Chew Ah Tet, a licensed Chinese Medicine doctor with 30 years of experience after 2 years of hard works. “Your Health, Our Priority” is the slogan of the company as their vision is to create a world-class healthy foods that prioritize human bodies nutrients. 


Let health ethics to be implanted into individuals and become a lifestyle.


  • Raise up health awareness of individuals.
  • Create quality products that focus on natural ingredients.
  • Let individuals to understand more about products information and fully utilise them.
  • Develop a system that enables peer to peer challenge.




Vnutrition Health Food Industries Sdn Bhd, previously Vnutrition Globe Trading, was established in the year 2015. It all began by a multi-grains beverage formulated by Chew Ah Tet, a licensed Traditional Chinese Medicine Doctor with over 30 years of experience. He runs a Chinese Medicine shop, Ban Teik Tong in Bayan Lepas, Penang which has a history of a half-century. Chew has a strong belief that people often take supplements and medicine when they got diagnosed by diseases or during treatment, but ignored daily food intake and a balanced diet.

He found that grains like oats and rice are rich in vitamins and nutritional values that can give human bodies a nutritional boost if consume them daily. After 2 years of hard works, NG8 multi-grains was launched and sold to his patients without any presentable labeling in the year 2014. Chew asked his patients to drink NG8 daily in the morning before the meal. They gave positive feedbacks that their overall body condition improved, especially those who had gastric, high cholesterol and blood sugar, gouts, and back pain. His son, Chew Kok Jing decided to market NG8 with presentable labeling to sell widely in entire Malaysia, this was when Vnutrition Globe Trading launched in the year 2015.

NG8 started with a simple labeling and a manual production line by the Chew family at home, so it was named Penang Homemade Natural Cereal Drink, as it was produced by homemade style in Penang. After a year of work, it was transformed into a food-grade packaging with aluminium foil bag to protect the powder from being affected by the outside condition and being named as NG8, that stands for “Natural Grains 8”, where 8 represents a good body shape, wanting all their clients to have good body shape and healthy.


The production is moved to a proper place in Gelugor that met the standards of the Ministry of Health Malaysia in the year 2017. NG8 was sold to the market through Facebook and able to reach East Malaysia people in half-year time, and then reached 100,000 packs sold in February 2018. Due to the rapid growth in the sales, the Chew family moved their direction to focus on marketing and let a HACCP certified food production factory in Kedah to handle the production of NG8 in February 2019. NG8 was in a 500g pack that time with 7 ingredients, at this time, NG8 600g with 8 ingredients was launched with higher nutritional values and better taste.

2019 was a huge change for Vnutrition. Chew’s elder son, Chew Kok Yang joined to handle and enhance the sales and marketing of the company. Also, Vnutrition Health Food Industries Sdn Bhd was launched. Until today, the company has 2 main products, NG8 500g and NG8 600g. Coming up soon will be another 5 to 10 products that are all made by natural ingredients and natural flavorings. In the year 2020, although MCO happens and the pandemic affected the whole world’s economy, the Chew family has a new intention to Vnutrition and decided to rebrand it, targeting young people so that the young generation will be promoting “healthy life in young age”. “Your Health, Our Priority” is the slogan of the company as its vision is to create world-class healthy foods that prioritize human body nutrients. This is what a multi-grains company been through by the Chew family in 5 years' time, more to come and we are ready to serve you.